Retro System Review: FC-16 Go Portable SNES System

There are many retro gaming systems available right now. Some of these systems play only one kind of game, some play up to three kinds of games, and some are portable As many people are aware of China made products can be very cheap quality and most of these systems are made in China. Some of the systems work fine but some do not even work. This means you will want to learn how the system compare before you buy one. The FC-16 Go Portable SNES System is one example of these retro systems. If you want to know how the FC-16 Go Portable SNES System stacks up against the other retro systems then you should keep reading.
Obviously as the name suggest the FC-16 Go Portable SNES System plays SNES games and is portable. The FC-16 has the many of the same disadvantages as other portable systems. Some disadvantages are unique to the FC-16. However the FC-16 does make some improvements over other portable retro systems.

The FC-16 hides the games inside the system instead of having a big ugly cartridge sticking out of the top. The FC-16 also has a fairly large screen and pretty good speakers for a portable device. The buttons on the machine are in an awkward location and playing it on the go can be a bit odd. The console burns batteries faster then most because of the large screen and bigger speakers. Portability is more limited then ever on this machine.

The FC-16 can be played on a TV and with the wireless controllers that come with it. Like most retro systems with wireless controllers the controllers are not very good and may break easily. If the controllers do not work this is a major problem because there are no ports for original controllers. So you can spend $50-70 depending where you bought it for a system that is useless.

The one good thing about this machine is that it does play well. All most all SNES games will play on the machine. The emulation is good. The sound is good for a portable system or when used with the TV. If it did not have the problem of bad controllers breaking it would be a decent SNES system when plugged into the TV.

Unfortunately because of the poor build of the controllers the system may easily become useless. Many retro systems have poor quality controllers but they also allow for original controllers too. Having no option if the controllers fail is a big problem especially with controllers that are likely to fail. The system is also very expensive for what you get. This is a system I would not recommend.