Have a wonderful time with Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

Today all the persons and children are heavily attracted by the android games. The impact of video games is increased day by day. The main reason is the enormous development in the modern science and the technology behind them. The video games are getting evaluated in upcoming days.  There are many different types of games in all over the world. These kinds of software games are played by all kind of people because it’s desired features.

One of such video games is Yu Gi Oh Duel Links and it was the new version of Yu Gi Oh game. It is like an original card game but it is slightly varies from that. It is a video game that can be played on android mobiles and iOS and it was developed by taking the basis of dual link systems. It was launched officially on Jan 6, 2016 in all over the world and it was developed by the game developer konami. It can play only on the platforms like android an iOS.

Hoe to play Yu Gi Oh Duel Link game

The Yu Gi Oh game was a card based battle game. The main target of the player should be a trading of the cards. In Yu Gi Oh, multiple players can be allowed and the player can have three monster zones, trap zones and spell. Monster zone is nothing but where the monsters are placed on the particular field and also the spell and trap zones consist of spell and trap on the particular field. Each player in this game should consist of 20-30 cards to play and all of them should start the game with 4000LP. The LP is nothing but it refers to know the Life Points of the player and these points are used to represents the health of the players.

The players can choose the character as they like but those all the characters will have a different skills and roles in this game. The characters in the Yu Gi Oh game are grouped as a two categories those are playable characters and non playable characters. The players should select the characters to obtain the cards and whether the standard duelist or the legend duelist has to challenge by the players to obtain the cards also. It will helps in increasing the level of the characters in the game. The characters of the Yu Gi Oh game were like characters in the anime series. The players have to earn more cards and should complete each missions in these game. It will help the player to upgrades their stages.

Yu Gi Oh duel links game consists of many features itself and if the stages of the player are upgraded, they can unlock the new features. On that, the new legend duelists will appears on the game to challenge the players. This game contains duel world to play. One of the main features of this game is reducing of the main phase 2 because what actions carried out in the phase 1 will be repeated in phase 2 also. The main phase is nothing but that can be conducted after the completion of the battle phase.

The Yu Gi Oh game is very original and an interesting game when compare to other video games. It is also possible to hack this game by using websites such as duelyhack.com, which you can find online. Because in each level completion of the player, it provides the credits for the players like gems, upgrades, life points etc. The game has a protocols and also many advanced features for the new coming players to play efficiently. The duel links in this game only include the original cards for the players who are new to this kind of game environment.

It also contains the level of Yu Gi Oh duel link golds and it is a currency used to collect the cards in each missions.  It can be only spent on the card trader shop to collect the cards. This game is very easy to play and win the battles to collect many cards. The player can be considered as the winner if they are complete their mission in least time when compares to the opponents. All these kind of games should be played only for an entertainment and also to improve the creativity of the individuals by beating the duelists in this game.