Everything you Should Know About Clash Royale

Gaming is no longer a symbol of geeks. It has become synonymous with coolness. Playing FIFA and Assassins Creed, especially the editions that had come out recently have become a symbol of your awesomeness. This is also one of the reasons why PlayStations and X-Boxes had become famous. And having the financial power to buy for yourself these big gaming consoles that are not portable was a matter of pride. But things have changed lately. In this age of Information, Smartphones and tablets have become so handy. So are the games that you can play on these smartphones. This is the age of Mini Militia where you play games with your friends, not on the ground, but connected over Wi-Fi or over the internet. These games define your coolness on this whole other level.

One such game that can be a symbol of your awesomeness is Clash Royale. Imagine Clash of Clans, but only cooler and much more advanced.  The Clash Royale Hack: Clash Royale Free Gems will never get old, but what is the point in knowing how to play without knowing what you are playing with.

Features of Clash Royale

The game has several features.

  1. Shop: The favorite of the game developers would be the shop feature. This is where you can shop, even if it is with virtual money. The items available at the shop generally include cards, gold and gems as well as treasure chests, and let us not forget the special offers that are available. With Card price calculators and the count calculator, shopping is fun without having to cram your head with boring math.
  2. Player Profile: Details about the player, such as tournament and player statistics and experience level as well as battle deck can be found here. But this is not the only spot for this though. You can also find it at the Battle Tab. The clan the player is a part of can also be seen.
  3. TV Royale: To view the battle between two players, just like you would go to the TV in real life, you go to TV Royale in Clash Royale. The battle can be replayed once in an hour, and it will be unavailable for replay in 24 hours, which means there can be 24 replays. When clanmates battles are on TV Royale, you could get the notifications.
  4. Screen Hints: Let us face it, what wouldn’t we give to have small hints that pop up everywhere in real life? And this is exactly what this app capitalizes on. The hints are however more for the sake of humor than for helping the user out.

Clash Royale Hack Tools

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