Company of Heroes: PC Game Review

Company of Heroes is a well balanced game with the Allies having great units and the Axis having some of the toughest tanks pre-Opposing Fronts (The expansion to CoH). Each side has three different Armed Branches or Doctrines which allow you to access diverse powerups, troops and bonuses, like the American Airbourne Branch get Paratroopers which will basically destroy anything, and the German propaganda branch gives access to abilities that send the enemy troops literally running.
However, when I play CoH I just get the feeling that it is just a skinned version of Dawn of War (Relic’s previous game), because Company of Heroes has just expanded upon that game and not really introduced enough new content.

The graphics in CoH is simply superb, with cities rendered well even if the graphics are set to lowest. This is also true for the units, as you can see the mud on the front of the tanks and the pistols on the soldiers’ hips.

But this is all well and good if you have a new computer; unfortunately it does not run too well on lower spec computers as I have experienced on one of my computers :(.

The voice acting for the units is excellent and makes the game feel so much more believable, as you hear the troops yelling context-based dialogue such as “Fuck, they got us pinned down”, or “We’re really getting beaten up by that Panzer!”.

Level Design
The levels are based upon the Western front of World War 2 and have had a lot of time poured into their creation. In my opinion, the factory and urban based maps are better than the country side ones, but thats probably because I am a defensive player and prefer to limit the ways the enemy can attack me.

Replay ability
The replay ability of CoH is awesome, as maps offer many different ways to win and the different branches of each side can really add the random factor into games that many games are missing (Warcraft III for example). Playing online is also a great way to expand the replay ability of CoH as everybody online has a different tactic to crush you into the dust 😛

Overall game score:8.6

Company of Heroes = Totally Awesome
Worth Purchasing!