Things to know about hero Vale

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is right now the most popular mobile game available. Everybody around is playing this game with their friends and family and the popularity of the game is increasing day by day. If this is not the first time you are playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang, then you might have heard about the hero Vale and also might have played using this character.

The character Vale in the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang is known for using its power to create a storm and crash it on the enemies. Vale has total control over the wind and is able to cast any kind of tornados which will help to defeat the enemy. Vale is known for having great capabilities and keeping the enemy away from the fort. Vale is an offensive based hero and this is the reason why he is preferred by the players when they attack. Vale is known for pushing the enemies with help of the wind power. Players should always keep in mind that if their enemies are playing with Vale they should make sure that their hero should not be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Vale is basically a passive hero and this is related to the set of skills he has. Vale can either make damage in a longrange or make more damage in a short range and it is totally dependent on the player on what kind of attack they want on their enemies. The durable power of Vale is very much mediocre. The health of Vale is very much standard and this is the reason it is not able to survive a lot of damage. Players need to buy different sills from the shop to make the hero more powerful in nature.


If you have started playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang and you are thinking about playing with Vale, then it is important to have knowledge about the powers of Vale. The powers of Vale are as follows:

Wind Blade

This power has a cooldown of 8.5 and a mana cost of 90. The damage with this power is very much high. With the increase of skills, the hero will be able to make more damage in an increased area.

Wind Blow

The cooldown for wind blow is 11 and the mana cost is about 90. This power does massive damage to the enemies When the upgrading is ultimate Vale is able to add an option of stopping on hit which becomes very much effective during a battle.


The cooldown for wind storm is 45.0 and mana cost is about 150. This power is known for giving the maximum damage with Vale.

This is one of the very balanced heroes in the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Playing this game with Mobile Legends cheats is also very much fun for regular players because it helps to spice it up. Players who are starting to play can always use Vale as their goto hero.

Product Review, Logitech Harmony 520 Universal Remote

The Logitech Harmony 520 universal remote is just one of the offerings from this leader in the electronics industry. Universal remotes have been around for a long time, but the features on this remote are what sets it apart from your typical remote. This remote is fully programmable, and will do most of the thinking for you when you are using it. The whole goal of the remote is to allow you to switch easily between components without having to use separate remotes or having to get up to turn on the different electronics. It is meant to be used by any member of your household, even the kids or a babysitter.

The Harmony 520 can control up to 12 different components. This means you can hook up your video gaming systems, DVD player, VCR., TV, and surround sound system. It will even allow you to hook up other household items, like the lighting in your home. While this may seem like it might be confusing, you can plug the remote into your computer to set everything up on line, or you can use Logitech’s online tech assistance to get everything working for you.

The great thing about this remote is that it allows anyone to figure out how to use those tricky electronic components with ease. After everything is set up each of your components will work with the touch of a button. You won’t have to worry about changing lines and channels when switching from TV to DVD like before. The remote has an easy-to-read LCD screen that walks you through every step.

One issue that the Harmony remote does have is that batteries do not last as long as they do in traditional remotes. This is primarily due to the LCD screen on the remote, and is pretty forgivable considering all of the benefits of the remote. Using rechargeable batteries will help you cut down on costs associated with this.

The remote comes with software for set up that is fully compatible with Windows and Mac, a USB cord, batteries, and your owners manual. The Harmony 520 universal remote can be found at retailers like Sears, Best Buy, and Wal Mart. They can also be found online at offers the remote in both new and refurbished conditions. The refurbished remotes can be purchased for about half of the manufacturer’s retail price. Regular price for the remote is around $100.00.

Clash Royale Free Gems- gives you game a favorable turn

As we all know that mobile gaming industry is flourishing day by day within a few years. By creating unique and tricky games like Clash Royale, this game is loaded with all levels which are somehow impossible to accomplish. This game is embracing with the concept strategies fully. Therefore many of the gamers are now looking for an alternative by which they can easily get the Clash Royale Free Gems. This game is the action-packed game; this game is multi-player based that means even your friend can be your opponent in the game. To beat the enemy in the game now players are taking help of the hack tools.

By this cheats or hacks players can make limitless gem and gold for their game which is really important to be there in the game for long. Even for winning the game a player needs gems by which they can build up the platform by which they can fight battles with their opponent. As the players are joining this game from all around the world because of which competition among the players is getting tougher than before. Clash royale is now designed by the hackers so that players can solve their gems or gold issues in the game with ease.

Purpose of using it

To get listed in the top rank of the game you have to do lots of things, but we tell you about the most important thing are the purchases. There in the game player have to purchase the gems which are sometimes it pretend like a burden on the pocket of the users. But now for avoiding this burden player can catch up the easy method that is the hack by which they can generate numerous gold, elixirs, and gems for the game. In the game gems and gold is the real treasure, that’s why players who want to be there in the game used to spend thousands of dollars in this game just to reach their goal.

Are you the one who are ready to spend this much of money just for craving the higher trophies? Maybe yes if you are a big fan of mobile gaming, if not then not to stress choose another way for gaining the Clash Royale cheats. Most of the players think that it hacking gems it’s an illegal term but let us tell you that it is entirely legal. So, you can use it easily without facing any troubles.

Advanced Blackberry

Tethering is using your smartphone as a modem to get data to your personal computer. If you happen to love the Blackberry, and run a Linux box (or a Mac), there are ways to tether in Linux.
The first way is with a freeware (although donations are accepted) product called berry4all. I mention berry4all because it does work. It’s tricky and kind of geeky to set up, but it works as advertised. Also, if you want to practice tweaking your Linux box, this is the way to go. And it does require tweaking; berry4all is made for all mobile providers equally, and you can either modify an existing script from the website ( or write one from scratch for your mobile carrier.

The point of berry4all is twofold: it allows you to tether in Linux or Mac, which Research in Motion most definitely does not support, and it allows you to do it plugged into a USB port. Berry4all is the middleware between dial up networking and the proprietary Blackberry modem mode. I have set it up in OpenSuse and Fedora Linux and both work just fine, but be prepared to spend time tweakin’ and readin’ and readin’ and tweakin’.

Recently I found a better way. For another purpose entirely, I acquired Bluetooth dongles for a Fedora Linux tower and Ubuntu laptop. These were no name, Chinese, swap meet quality, dollar-fifty Bluetooth dongles of no technological significance whatsoever — they do not even show a name in the system specs of the computer, but Linux sees them just fine.

With Bluetooth dongle installed, pair the Berry to the Linux box. This is fairly intuitive in today’s Linux assuming that you have ever paired two Bluetooth devices. Next go to Network Manager (or the equivalent for your GUI and distro). You’ve possibly never been here before: Linux found your Ethernet when it installed, and you never looked for more connection options. But there are more: There are VPN, DSL and Mobile connection options; you want Mobile connection, of course.

To create the Mobile connection, you will need the sign in information (if any) from your mobile provider. Even if you are not going to use berry4all, the website is a good resource for this information. Enter the required information for a dial up connection in the Mobile connection fields. In the Blackberry itself, go to Options gt; Bluetooth and make sure that the pairing connection to your Linux box has the modem option enabled. By the way, you specifically do not want to plug the Blackberry into the USB for a Bluetooth modem connection.

Connect with the new Mobile connection you created and you’re online. The entire setup takes about two minutes, is actually easier to create and use than using Blackberry Desktop Manager in Windows, and it has the side effect of giving you a cool unwired Mission: Impossible look when you tether. But don’t blame me if you walk away with your laptop and forget the Berry.

Retro System Review: FC-16 Go Portable SNES System

There are many retro gaming systems available right now. Some of these systems play only one kind of game, some play up to three kinds of games, and some are portable As many people are aware of China made products can be very cheap quality and most of these systems are made in China. Some of the systems work fine but some do not even work. This means you will want to learn how the system compare before you buy one. The FC-16 Go Portable SNES System is one example of these retro systems. If you want to know how the FC-16 Go Portable SNES System stacks up against the other retro systems then you should keep reading.
Obviously as the name suggest the FC-16 Go Portable SNES System plays SNES games and is portable. The FC-16 has the many of the same disadvantages as other portable systems. Some disadvantages are unique to the FC-16. However the FC-16 does make some improvements over other portable retro systems.

The FC-16 hides the games inside the system instead of having a big ugly cartridge sticking out of the top. The FC-16 also has a fairly large screen and pretty good speakers for a portable device. The buttons on the machine are in an awkward location and playing it on the go can be a bit odd. The console burns batteries faster then most because of the large screen and bigger speakers. Portability is more limited then ever on this machine.

The FC-16 can be played on a TV and with the wireless controllers that come with it. Like most retro systems with wireless controllers the controllers are not very good and may break easily. If the controllers do not work this is a major problem because there are no ports for original controllers. So you can spend $50-70 depending where you bought it for a system that is useless.

The one good thing about this machine is that it does play well. All most all SNES games will play on the machine. The emulation is good. The sound is good for a portable system or when used with the TV. If it did not have the problem of bad controllers breaking it would be a decent SNES system when plugged into the TV.

Unfortunately because of the poor build of the controllers the system may easily become useless. Many retro systems have poor quality controllers but they also allow for original controllers too. Having no option if the controllers fail is a big problem especially with controllers that are likely to fail. The system is also very expensive for what you get. This is a system I would not recommend.

GAMING – How Should Sports Games Be Released?

There are lots of different sports games franchises, mostly from EA and 2K but also some notable ones from Sony. You know, there’s the Madden, the NBA 2K, Tiger Woods, MLB, Hot Shots Golf, etc. As far as these games go, the status quo is that the sequels are released yearly and featuring tweaks and improvements here and there and roster updates, they’re released at full retail price. This is how sports games have been released from the beginning and that’s how it’s going down to this day.
Many people hate this and cannot understand how gamers can keep on buying the same game year after year and at full price. And why is it that with so many iterations, these sports games always have some problems like bugs or bad design or glitches?

I can understand these criticisms and often times I agree with the people who hate sports games and how they’re released like this. NHL 09 many would argue ain’t that different from NHL 08 and yet NHL 09 this year costs the same as games like Dead Space, Gears of War 2, LittleBigPlanet, etc. By common sense, this just seems wrong.

But many don’t really know the full story of why it works like this. The sports game developers almost always new experimental ideas in new games. Sometimes, such experimentation results in glitchy and buggy releases of poor execution. This is also because they have such a tight deadline. As soon as they release this year’s iteration, they are immediately taken to the drawing boards for the next iteration and by a month or two months’ time, they’re programming the next year’s release. Improving the graphics in such a tight timeframe is a tough obstacle as well. Yet, ask any gamer that’s played every iteration of a certain sports franchise and he’ll tell you how each iteration is different. Whether or not those differences resulted in good games is the most important question and usually, since the developers are so tight on schedule, the execution isn’t pretty. But there are times when it works and a lot of improvement and new ideas show up in a new iteration and such great execution wouldn’t have occurred if the iteration was just released any other way.


But even so, to many gamers, it seems that it would be best for consumers if the new iterations just was released as updates in the form of digital download. If the new iteration isn’t going to change much of the game anyway except for a few tweaks and a roster update, why not just release an yearly downloadable update to that game? I’ve heard many people argue for this kind of release style. After all, this style will definitely save a lot of money for sports fans and also will encourage gamers to keep updating their sports games.

It sounds really good in concept but I personally don’t fully support this idea. Like I said, every yearly release of a sports game introduces a new concept (e.g. Madden 09 has the Madden IQ, Tiger Woods 09 has the new coach mode) and sometimes graphics and animations get a major overhaul (as was the case with MLB 08: The Show) and such things won’t happen if sports games are just updated every year via downloadable content. Of course, many of the times, these new concepts and graphics upgrade end up problematic but there’s always a good possibility that it’ll end up great, as was the case – according to the reviews I’ve read – of NHL 09.

To put it simply, making sports games be released as downloads stagnates the genre more than ever before because innovations and major overhauls would be discouraged. The good thing about this kind of distribution would be that it would definitely be cheaper for consumers and ensure solid quality sports gaming everywhere but the bad thing is that it will stay the same for who knows how long.


Yes, yes it does. Paying fully retail price for yearly updates that may be buggy, glitchy, poorly executed, and/or be barely changed from the previous iteration is not a good option for consumers at all. Surely, there must be a solution for this.


Release each iteration at half the full retail price (meaning $30 in America for the PS3/360). And then some time after the release (probably after 6 months or so), release the roster upgrade and minor tweaks/improvements in the form of digital download for a reasonable price ($20?). After that, release another hard copy iteration of the series with major overhaul and new experimental concepts. Keep releasing it like this.

Yes, it’s a pretty crazy and revolutionary proposition and developers and publishers will definitely look at that and shake their heads. Release their games at half the price and then make it up with digital download update a few months later? Why would they want to do that?

Here are my reasons: First, it would bolster the sales. People will look at the cheap price and be encouraged to buy it. There will be many units of the games sold. Next, when people find problems with the games, they can always be guaranteed that issues will be fixed and improved with a follow-up digital download update, which costs even less. This not only bolsters the sales of the game, but also means that gamers will be more likely to buy the next iteration when it releases since any problem it’ll have will be addressed via digital download update. What I’m proposing here is a way to release sports games that’s both good for consumers and the developers’/publishers’ wallets.

I have a feeling that this will most likely never happen but what do you guys think? Isn’t my proposition pretty sound? And please, if you find any part of that proposition too problematic, feel free to comment on it. I know this was a long blog, but I hope it was an interesting read.

Company of Heroes: PC Game Review

Company of Heroes is a well balanced game with the Allies having great units and the Axis having some of the toughest tanks pre-Opposing Fronts (The expansion to CoH). Each side has three different Armed Branches or Doctrines which allow you to access diverse powerups, troops and bonuses, like the American Airbourne Branch get Paratroopers which will basically destroy anything, and the German propaganda branch gives access to abilities that send the enemy troops literally running.
However, when I play CoH I just get the feeling that it is just a skinned version of Dawn of War (Relic’s previous game), because Company of Heroes has just expanded upon that game and not really introduced enough new content.

The graphics in CoH is simply superb, with cities rendered well even if the graphics are set to lowest. This is also true for the units, as you can see the mud on the front of the tanks and the pistols on the soldiers’ hips.

But this is all well and good if you have a new computer; unfortunately it does not run too well on lower spec computers as I have experienced on one of my computers :(.

The voice acting for the units is excellent and makes the game feel so much more believable, as you hear the troops yelling context-based dialogue such as “Fuck, they got us pinned down”, or “We’re really getting beaten up by that Panzer!”.

Level Design
The levels are based upon the Western front of World War 2 and have had a lot of time poured into their creation. In my opinion, the factory and urban based maps are better than the country side ones, but thats probably because I am a defensive player and prefer to limit the ways the enemy can attack me.

Replay ability
The replay ability of CoH is awesome, as maps offer many different ways to win and the different branches of each side can really add the random factor into games that many games are missing (Warcraft III for example). Playing online is also a great way to expand the replay ability of CoH as everybody online has a different tactic to crush you into the dust 😛

Overall game score:8.6

Company of Heroes = Totally Awesome
Worth Purchasing!

Have a wonderful time with Yu Gi Oh Duel Links

Today all the persons and children are heavily attracted by the android games. The impact of video games is increased day by day. The main reason is the enormous development in the modern science and the technology behind them. The video games are getting evaluated in upcoming days.  There are many different types of games in all over the world. These kinds of software games are played by all kind of people because it’s desired features.

One of such video games is Yu Gi Oh Duel Links and it was the new version of Yu Gi Oh game. It is like an original card game but it is slightly varies from that. It is a video game that can be played on android mobiles and iOS and it was developed by taking the basis of dual link systems. It was launched officially on Jan 6, 2016 in all over the world and it was developed by the game developer konami. It can play only on the platforms like android an iOS.

Hoe to play Yu Gi Oh Duel Link game

The Yu Gi Oh game was a card based battle game. The main target of the player should be a trading of the cards. In Yu Gi Oh, multiple players can be allowed and the player can have three monster zones, trap zones and spell. Monster zone is nothing but where the monsters are placed on the particular field and also the spell and trap zones consist of spell and trap on the particular field. Each player in this game should consist of 20-30 cards to play and all of them should start the game with 4000LP. The LP is nothing but it refers to know the Life Points of the player and these points are used to represents the health of the players.

The players can choose the character as they like but those all the characters will have a different skills and roles in this game. The characters in the Yu Gi Oh game are grouped as a two categories those are playable characters and non playable characters. The players should select the characters to obtain the cards and whether the standard duelist or the legend duelist has to challenge by the players to obtain the cards also. It will helps in increasing the level of the characters in the game. The characters of the Yu Gi Oh game were like characters in the anime series. The players have to earn more cards and should complete each missions in these game. It will help the player to upgrades their stages.

Yu Gi Oh duel links game consists of many features itself and if the stages of the player are upgraded, they can unlock the new features. On that, the new legend duelists will appears on the game to challenge the players. This game contains duel world to play. One of the main features of this game is reducing of the main phase 2 because what actions carried out in the phase 1 will be repeated in phase 2 also. The main phase is nothing but that can be conducted after the completion of the battle phase.

The Yu Gi Oh game is very original and an interesting game when compare to other video games. It is also possible to hack this game by using websites such as, which you can find online. Because in each level completion of the player, it provides the credits for the players like gems, upgrades, life points etc. The game has a protocols and also many advanced features for the new coming players to play efficiently. The duel links in this game only include the original cards for the players who are new to this kind of game environment.

It also contains the level of Yu Gi Oh duel link golds and it is a currency used to collect the cards in each missions.  It can be only spent on the card trader shop to collect the cards. This game is very easy to play and win the battles to collect many cards. The player can be considered as the winner if they are complete their mission in least time when compares to the opponents. All these kind of games should be played only for an entertainment and also to improve the creativity of the individuals by beating the duelists in this game.

Everything you Should Know About Clash Royale

Gaming is no longer a symbol of geeks. It has become synonymous with coolness. Playing FIFA and Assassins Creed, especially the editions that had come out recently have become a symbol of your awesomeness. This is also one of the reasons why PlayStations and X-Boxes had become famous. And having the financial power to buy for yourself these big gaming consoles that are not portable was a matter of pride. But things have changed lately. In this age of Information, Smartphones and tablets have become so handy. So are the games that you can play on these smartphones. This is the age of Mini Militia where you play games with your friends, not on the ground, but connected over Wi-Fi or over the internet. These games define your coolness on this whole other level.

One such game that can be a symbol of your awesomeness is Clash Royale. Imagine Clash of Clans, but only cooler and much more advanced.  The Clash Royale Hack: Clash Royale Free Gems will never get old, but what is the point in knowing how to play without knowing what you are playing with.

Features of Clash Royale

The game has several features.

  1. Shop: The favorite of the game developers would be the shop feature. This is where you can shop, even if it is with virtual money. The items available at the shop generally include cards, gold and gems as well as treasure chests, and let us not forget the special offers that are available. With Card price calculators and the count calculator, shopping is fun without having to cram your head with boring math.
  2. Player Profile: Details about the player, such as tournament and player statistics and experience level as well as battle deck can be found here. But this is not the only spot for this though. You can also find it at the Battle Tab. The clan the player is a part of can also be seen.
  3. TV Royale: To view the battle between two players, just like you would go to the TV in real life, you go to TV Royale in Clash Royale. The battle can be replayed once in an hour, and it will be unavailable for replay in 24 hours, which means there can be 24 replays. When clanmates battles are on TV Royale, you could get the notifications.
  4. Screen Hints: Let us face it, what wouldn’t we give to have small hints that pop up everywhere in real life? And this is exactly what this app capitalizes on. The hints are however more for the sake of humor than for helping the user out.

Clash Royale Hack Tools

Clash Royale gaming is most easy. By following the tips and tricks, you gain more knowledge about the game. However by using Clash Royale Hacks, you can generate the required gold and gems that you desire. With this huge quantity, you can plan your strategies well and implement them, by gaining better gold and gems to acquire stronger tools. By using the Clash Royale Cheats on your mobile devices, while playing the game, you can see the game change in your favor. Use both attacking and defensive strategies alternatively to win. You need not worry about spending the Elixir, as you have them in unlimited quantities and for free, as you make use of the Clash Royale Cheats. Improve your self-confidence in the game and become a professional in the game, using these hack tools which are provided for free.

You need not download them nor do you have to fear any illegal action on using these tools, as your identity is completely not known. It is safe for use and easy to accumulate these resources. The hack tool works perfectly with all Android and iOS devices. Just use our Online Generator to use our tool hacks and get your account flooded with gems and elixir and gold, to be used in the game unlimitedly. Play the game online or offline or through multiplayer mode. If you are going to use the Clash Royale Hack, you will always be a winner. You can earn, trophies, challenge players across the globe to compete with you or dominate the game using all the elements, easily and without any hassle. Once you learn the game, playing it becomes easy and your strong strategies will help you to cruise through the games easily by winning one after the other.

Sega Lifts the Lid on Space Siege

Recently we got the chance to talk with the folks at Sega about Space Siege. I want to thank Denny for making the interview happen.
GVK: What is the background and setting for the game?

Space Siege is an action/role-playing game from Gas Powered Games. Set in the future, it starts with an alien invasion of Earth. The aliens successfully destroy the planet, but a few colony ships manage to escape. The player’s character, Seth Walker, is onboard the Armstrong, and it serves as the setting for the game. Unfortunately, the aliens-called the Kerak-are able to attach a pod to the ship, so the first task is to get rid of the invading aliens.

GVK: What are some of the units featured and their abilities and can you talk about the ability to customize your character and the repercussions that this can have in game?

There are a number of enemies in Space Siege, from different types of the Kerak to some surprise enemies.

While you can’t change your character’s general appearance, you can upgrade your visual look by acquiring different armor and weapon upgrades. The game’s biggest customization option is choosing whether or not to install various cybernetic upgrades. This choice forces you to decide how much you’re willing to sacrifice your own humanity in order to save humanity. The choices you make affect your character’s stats and give you different “pure” or “cyber” abilities.

GVK: What can you tell us about the A.I. players in the game and how they will interact with the player character?

In the earliest parts of the game, you rescue a number of characters who play important roles as the story develops. You have conversations with these characters throughout the game, as they’re back at a “home base” area trying to research the Kerak and determine what’s going on in other parts of the Armstrong.

GVK: How is resource management handled and will players be able to trade and salvage?

Players can find cybernetic pieces and weapons in the environment, and creatures drop “parts,” which can be used to upgrade your character at workbenches.

GVK: What can you tell the readers about how the Robot Sidekicks will be used in game?

Seth’s robotic companion is a Hodgsons Robotics Unit Mark V; “HR-V” for short. HR-V can be customized to use different weapons the player can find in the game. Proper use of HR-V is vital to a player’s eventual success.

GVK: What sort of weapons will players be able to use and how is combat handled in the game?

Combat uses a point-and-click interface; select your target, and fire away. There are a half-dozen weapons in the game, and each can be upgraded to add additional damage.

GVK: How will players save their progress in game?

The game auto-saves every time a player uses one of the health stations, which are liberally placed on each level, but players are free to save their progress at any point of the game.

GVK: What forms of Multiplay will the game offer?

The game has one multiplayer mode, which consists of a unique set of co-operative missions for 2-4 players that are set on a different ship. You create a multiplayer character that can be saved for future multiplayer games, with all of your upgrades and “parts” intact.